Jlasalle Investments is a top notch real estate investment firm specializing in land. Landlotsplotsandparcels.com is where we offer our discounted properties for sale. Our focus is to provide the opportunity for anyone to acquire a piece of land by making the process extremely easy, as well as affordable.

Our Finance Program gives investors and retail buyers alike the opportunity to acquire property without massive amounts of money. We have a variety of land types in our inventory, there is something for everyone, and if we don’t have it, we will find it


What Is Owner Financing

Owner financing is when the owner of a property allows a buyer to purchase the property by making increment payments over time. The owner acts just like a bank. giving you the property in exchange for receiving regular payments until the purchase price is paid in full, without all the red tape that comes with bank financing. It’s like an auto lease, but with no absurd balloon payment at the end of it. This program allows anyone wanting to own land do so!

Retail Buyers like owner financing because it allows them to acquire, and own land without large amounts of money upfront. Giving them the ability to utilize the property at less cost.

Investors like owner financing because it allows them to leverage their capital in order to invest in more property without using up cash reserves. 


We have made purchasing land from us very easy, as well as affordable. Even our one time payment option is offered at deep discounts. So, once you have chosen the right property, and selected you payment option, you can complete your purchase online. That’s right, you can close you’re land transaction on our website! Once you checkout, your paperwork will be prepared for signature, and the lot will be yours once complete! Affordable and convenient! Also, If you don’t see any properties on our site that interest you, then let us know what you are looking for, and we will find it. Once we find you’re land, the same buying process will take place. Our whole business structure is about keeping it simple! So we made purchasing land from us exactly that…SUPER SIMPLE! Stop scouring the MLS or county records for the faint hope of finding the right land investments opportunity. Reach out to us and let us know what you’re looking for. 

Furthermore, we are very flexible in our approach. For instance, if you happen to see another property that may fit your needs better than the one you initially bought, and you want to transfer your payments to another one of our properties, you absolutely can! We’re not your “land lords”, we’re your partners. Our goal is to assist you in purchasing land, not impede. The land is the collateral, so if you no longer want the property, you can simply return it to us and you will not be expected to pay anything else going forward. It doesn’t get easier than that!

How do you qualify you ask? Our Owner Finance Program allows anyone the ability to own land without breaking the bank. with inflated prices, and huge down payments. Even if you have less-than-perfect credit you can buy land from us using this program. We don’t run credit, or dig deep into your life with background checks. If you can make the requested down payment, (in some cases it can be reduced) make the monthly payments in a timely manner, answer a few simple questions, then you qualify. We are here to assist you. Also, we know life happens, so again, if for whatever reason you’re not able to pay, no worries, Just return the property back to us and you will no longer be obligated to make another payment! 

(Arrangements may be made on per case basis to keep the property if you’re unable to pay) 

How It Works

Step 1 - Choose Your Land

Browse our inventory and decide which property best fits the criteria of of your needs.

Step 2 - Payment Option

Pick the payment option that best suits your situation. Make installment payments, or a one time payment in full.

Step 3 - Close On Property

Once payment is submitted we will begin the closing process by getting all the necessary paperwork prepared and signed.

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